Magic Day 2021 A Massive thank you!

There have been several posts on the socials thanking us for organising Magic day. Its not just us though, Martin Jacques was pretty much co-organising this in the background as it was the only Magic day organised by us, or at least headed by us, if you could see how much time he puts into the club, you would be in awe.
I should thank a few of you, thank you to Sam and Tam on the gate, Phil getting them off the road along with Cath, Bev and Dave.  Kim and Binu for taking the indemnity forms and for the G1 team for organising the star car parking, ( I am guessing Anna, Eddie, Josh, and Ava The group have their own nickname but I wont post that here.)
Lord Paul, Tony and Jon for looking after the set up (Martin as well but if I keep mentioning what he did he would be in every other line apart from baking cakes). Everyone that came early to set up cones and everyone that took them down at the end.
To Rachel for organising the sales table with the raffle and tickets, Val for helping out along with Lynda, Amy, Zoe, Kirstine and Liz, (sorry thats all I saw, happy to add you here, just let me know)
Hedley and Tony for running the auction in such a fast and efficient way and thanks to the winners who I kept on forgetting the names of, I do try, but its astonishing how quickly a name goes out of your head when you need it and are under a bit of pressure. Derek for the Nail Game,
My mates in the Rebel Scum Sci Fi lot for Daleks, K9s Darth Vader ( I hope you enjoyed them being along, they are good mates of mine).
Kirstine and Liz (again) for the cakes. Ian for looking after the mini digger.
Kim, Ivan, Henry and the Micra for Guess the cones, I still dont know how many you can fit in it.
Everyone mentioned in the Auction for collecting the most Awesome Auction list seen for some time, I had some bids to place for others that could not make it, but the amounts you bid were off the scale! Thank you!
The Marshals… Joe, Alex, Cam, Mark, Rob, Liam, Danny, Alex,  Nat, Elliot and Lizzy, they had their work cut out, 141 members plus all the guest cars! Hats off to all of you, you did an amazing job keeping everyone safe.
Rob was also busy out on track and in the Paddock taking pics, videos and keeping me calm throughout the day.
Neil, thanks for taking over the newsletter for me.
The list of people that brought their cars is as long as my arm, I think you all thanked them one at a time for letting them drive you around or letting you drive their car. Thanks to Jan for asking Lexus Swindon to come along, to Paul for organising the AA (who it turns out were needed) and cars from Thatcham.
to Baz and Chris for talking the sporting bears to come along and provide rides, they were so impressed with your driving skills that some of you got to drive cars that no one else had driven before…… thats how good the members are!

You lot are the best, you should know that by now.

Thank you, quite how we top that next year I dont know.

Nigel and Edelgard