The Instructors

The largest cohort of volunteers are our instructors. Like the members, they have a grading system that they work through that determines who they can instruct and who they can upgrade. They are the people to approach if you ever want any advice on techniques or how to explain things to members.


John Beckford
Adrian Hopkins
Kevin Scott
Paul Clifton
Paul Clifton
Nigel Forrester
Paul Silverwood
Phil Hagen
Andrew Ross
Terry Simpkin

AD Senior Instructors

John Peabody-Rolf
Chris Singer
Andy Stagg

Senior Instructors

Warren Beattie (Deputy Chief Instructor)
John Blakeley
Vince Harris


Mike Ashton
Frankie Clifton
Peter Dunn
Ray Hall
Neil Lesingham
Phil Siswick
Heather Battson
Jonathan Carter
Lynda Cross
Mark Goldsmith
Martin Jacques
Alan Pillans
David Smith (Chief Instructor)
Catherine Clifton
Ivan Dring
Ian Guthrie
Doug Kettlewell
Wendy Quigley-Bates
Duncan Woods