South Cerney 1st August Review


It’s always great to see some more members dragging their associates along at 8.30 in the morning to help set up, as the older members age themselves out of the club and in turn their associate members. It’s important that there is help setting up and taking down cones, this week was great and some members were given free rein with the layout of the track and for the most part that stayed untouched.

Of course, then a few of the Dads turn up and start making a mess with concrete, I guess we filled in about 5 holes on the other side of the track, it might have seemed a odd choice of holes, but I think you will find that thats given us a good 50-60m of clear run in the anticlockwise direction just past where the ungraded area usually is, yes, there are bigger holes, I know, but with the amount of materials available it makes sense to make as much track available as possible. Hopefully you will find it has made a difference next time we are up there.

We all missed the catering truck but Mick turned up as usual with his ice cream van and made sure we were all catered for.

It seemed a little quiet this week, understandably with the schools now on holiday, we may have been down 10-20 cars on the track, instruction slots were filled up and I think in general everyone had a good day, one break down that I know of (mechanical not emotional) I certainly saw an OBD reader out at one point.

See you next week….