AD Videos

The video clips below are intended for Members who are Grade 3 and above, to be a supplement to Roadcraft, which as you know is the Club’s driving reference manual. Even if you are not yet Grade 3 you might want to take a look at the first two videos so you can see what is coming up as you progress through the Grades.

If these videos prove to be a successful aid to the Members, and Associates, the Club may, at some point in the future, stop issuing Roadcraft to all Grade 3’s. This could be a tremendous cost saving.

On being awarded Grade 3 your Instructor will remind you to read Chapter 2 of Roadcraft. Also, they will remind you that these videos are available. They will advise you to watch the first two on the list below, before your first instruction as a Grade 3, progressing towards Grade 2. The videos are not too long; in nearly all cases they are less than 30 minutes each.

You will see that the videos have been split into sections according to the phases of the System of Car Control (IPSGA), so you do not have to watch them all at once! While you are progressing towards Grade 2, your Instructor may advise that you look at certain videos, to help you master a particular technique. The series of videos refer to Advanced Driving and the narrative often talks about passing an advanced driving test, be it IAM, RoSPA or the Police. Don’t be put off by this, because from Grade 3 onwards Members’ progress through the higher grades is based on using the same techniques being demonstrated in these videos.

These videos have mostly been made by Reg Local (see RegLocal.com), who was a Police Driving Instructor and is an iAMRoadSmart Examiner. We are grateful to him for letting us use this on our website. If you have any questions, please email the Chief Instructor.