The Under 17 Car Club Charitable Trust aims to promote safe driving among young drivers. By engaging with this group of people before they reach 17, we are able to instil attitudes of safer driving that stay with them for life. Graduates of our schemes are much less likely to be involved in an accident than those that do not have appropriate training before the age of 17.

We believe that the most effective way to enable this vulnerable group to respond to the challenge is by:

  • Substantially increasing their awareness of the risks
  • Supporting them in developing risk aware driving attitudes
  • Increasing their level of technical competence as drivers

The Under 17 Car Club Charitable Trust was launched on 16th October 2012 in the House of Commons.


If you would like to know more about our research into how our graduates compare to drivers who have learnt through traditional driver education routes please click here.

Charity Documents

For more information on the charity we have made available a range of documents:


The latest accounts for the Trust (click here), Club (click here) and Pathfinder (click here) are available to view.


The current Trustees of the Under 17 Car Club Charitable Trust are:

  • Paul Silverwood (Chair)
  • Tony Charsley
  • Helen Peabody-Rolf
  • Andrew Ross
  • Hedley Pickstock
  • Dr. John Beckford
  • Mark Goldsmith

If you wish to contact any of the Trustees, please do so using the form here


If you think that you or your organisation/company can provide any support for our activities, please contact us as we are always grateful for assistance to further enhance the education and experience of our young drivers. We thank our supporters listed below who provide experience, vehicles, venues, volunteers and other levels of support in helping us to educate and inform young drivers from an early age thus reducing their risk of becoming a young driver statistic of the future.

Associated Charities

We are proud to be associated with and regular fund raiser for Teenage Cancer Trust. A charity devoted to improving the lives of teenagers and young adults with cancer.