We've talked about The Under 17 Car Club's annual "magic day" fund raising event in the past.  This year we were extremely fortunate to be able to auction off a Renault Formula 1 headquarters tour.  Today's the day the luck few of us who had put our hands up, and in our pockets, got to visit Enstone in Oxfordshire.  Arriving at an underground lair in an anonymous field somewhere in Oxfordshire, you half expected to see Batman appear from a hidden doorway.  To see the inner workings of the place where Michael Schumacher's championship cars were developed, to get a look inside today's cars, to hear some of the stories from the early years and sit where some of the sports greatest have also sat - well, it doesn't get much better than that.  Many thanks to everyone in arranging such a fantastic prize, and raising a sizeable sum for Teenage Cancer Trust.