As it often is, it's been a busy end to the club's season.

We've had members and adults alike attending 'Caterham Day' at Donnington Park.  A lot of fun was had by all, with the youngsters in particular picking things up quickly, and really impressing the Caterham team.

During half term week, our sister organisation, Pathfinder, ran two simultaneous week long courses for 15-17 year olds, providing a more condensed version of the club, but still with our principles at heart.

We've finished up our normal driving days with a couple of changes from the norm.  Firstly at Castle Combe some quick work by our venue controller and helpers at lunchtime gave us an afternoon of continental driving, pushing even some of our more experienced members.  Then our traditional last day of the season was our night drive at Bovington, and event running from 2pm - 8pm providing our members valuable experience of different light conditions, including pitch black on a lot of the circuit.

We had 2 Sundays at Whitecliff quarry where again, members and adults were able to drive 4x4 vehicles across some extremely challenging terrain with the youngsters again shining.

Just one more event to go this season - our annual review, AGM and prize giving at Rockingham, followed by a last bit of driving - some more fun at a karting track.  The visit to Rockingham will give members a look at a venue we are booked in to use as a finale to our 2018.  That's going to be special, and though it's a long way off, it is something for everyone to look forward to.